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Offpagesavvy is one of the best resources for SEO strategy implementations in the Digital marketing world. We always welcome good tech articles from guest writers. We do publish unique informative and quality content articles about SEO, Digital Marketing, WordPress, Startups, software ios/ Andriod applications related topics.

Become an offpagesavvy blog contributor:
  • Get a chance to share your expertise with Digital marketing tech professionals via our blog.
  • Boost professional connections with author bio descriptions that available in every article you post.
  • Generally, you will get only one nofollow link to your company website through author bio.
  • Please don’t ask us for free any do-follow backlinks
  • It costs $$ if you want do-follow backlinks to your site. Anyway, dofollow backlinks will be provided only on natural anchor text. Strictly no keywords are allowed in the anchor text.
  • Once your guest post article is published on our site, then you can share it on all social media networks. Because it will boost your post visibility and improves the rank of your content in the search engines.
Accepted topics for Guest blog post:
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Hosting
  • Startups
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • WordPress

Note: We will accept only Unique Content

Guest Blog Post Requirements/ Guidelines:

Please read all guidelines and requirements to proceed with the guest post submission. Articles that don’t follow our guest posting guidelines will not be published.

  • The article must be Topic relevant informative and quality content. And the article should be written in the English language only.
  • The article should be comprehensive enough with at least 1200 words 
  • Include headings, subheadings, and conclusion in the article
  • Must Link to other great resources with 4 to 5 high authority links in the content
  • Uses simple words and short sentences to make it easy for readers.
  • Use a high-quality and low weighted explanatory image of 650*400 within your guest post
  • Once your article is published on https://www.offpagesavvy.com then it is completely owned by offpagesavvy. 
  • After publishing your post, content removal or modifications requests are not accepted. However, We will do minor changes if it requires. 
  • Once the article published on our site, We don’t publish the guest post in anyplace.
  • Similarly, once your article published on our website, you should not submit the same article elsewhere.
  • Please don’t submit the article on a topic which is already covered in our website
  • If you use any type of promotional information in the content, then it won’t be accepted.

Please make sure that you are making the article as per our guidelines and requirements. We always encourage guest post writers who follow our guidelines and requirements.

Guest Post Submission Process:

Step1: Go through the Guest Blog Post Requirements/ Guidelines thoroughly and submit at least three blog topic ideas. Send an email with your topic ideas to offpagesavvy{at}gmail{dot}com email address for review.

Step2: Once we feel that your topic is something interested, then we will notify you through email. So please share at least three topics so that we will select one which most apt for our readers.

Step 3: Once your topic approved you can submit your article in the form of .doc file by replying to the email

Step 4: If you don’t follow our guidelines, then we will reject your article. then you can post anywhere if your guest post gets rejected by us.

Step 5: If your post is approved by our team, then we publish it on our site. Once it is published, we will notify you with an email. If you are ready with the uncovered topics then you can send directly to offpagesavvy{at}gmail{dot}com email. We review it and publish the post as fast as possible. If you have any queries then please feel free to contact us.

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