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Top Free Press Release Submission Sites List 2022

Are you searching for a high DA Press Release submission sites list? Here is a list of free and paid press release sites that provide high-quality backlinks to your website or blog.

What is the Press Release Submission?

Press Release submission is a process writing some informative content about your company products or sites and publishing the news on various press release sites.

Press release submission is one of most using off-page SEO strategy by bloggers to get quality backlinks for their blogs. This SEO method greatly helps bloggers to popularize their products, events, or services on the internet.

Press releases are nothing but written information that helps to reach the targeted audience. So, press releases should be informative, genuine, and keyword-optimized content. Because good content with focused keywords helps to gain more potential customers.

Writing effective and informative content is very important. By that viewers can easily get interested in reading the information you provided. Sharing effective press releases improves your business market. So, using attractive and useful press releases help you to reach more and more audiences in a short time. 

Press release submission sites:

Press release sites offer a good platform for bloggers or website owners to introduce their business products or services.  These press release sites are the most helpful sites for bloggers and SEO professionals to share their content.

These sites provide quality backlinks and therefore improves traffic to your site. This further helps you to get good blog ranking in search engine results. These sites play an important role in business marketing techniques and also transforming general queries into sales.

Better to consider high page ranking press release submission sites to get good quality backlinks. Here I’m providing you a list with 50+ high PR Press Release submission sites. These sites reduce your efforts in searching the sources for all free popular press release sites. So, save your time by submitting your press releases on these sites.

Types of Press Release Submission Sites:

Generally, you will find two types of press release submission sites on google. One is free sites and another type is paid. Free plan release submission sites offer you to share only content. Whereas in paid press release submission sites you can rich content with images, videos.

Free press release sites generate nofollow backlinks to your blog/ site. Whereas Paid press release submission sites provide do-follow backlinks to your site that benefits you greatly for business growth. In general, most of the beginners prefer to choose free sites. But you can choose any of them according to your requirements. 

Advantages of high PR Press Release submission sites:

Submitting your new launching products or services in these sites promotes your business website over the web. High page ranking Press release websites helps to get quality backlinks. Further, these sites drive quality traffic to your site and improve your blog ranking in search engine page results. 

  • Improves online visibility: After submitting a press release, you can share this information over other marketing channels. Hence, these sites improve your business online presence over the web.
  • Enhances link building: Press release sites provide one of the fastest ways to improve backlinks to your blog/ site.
  • Increases traffic and sales: Press release with keyword-rich content helps to reach the targeted audience. In this way, these high PR sites improve traffic to your site and increase sales potentials in a short time.
  • Lowers marketing costs: There are so many free press release sites. Submitting press releases in these free sites helps in reducing your marketing costs. 
  • Long term advantage: Online press releases have a long lifetime. So, these sites benefit you for a long period of time.


Press release submission is an important SEO technique for bloggers to promote their website. High PR Press Release Submission sites list helps to gain more backlinks to your blog. Start submitting effective and informative press releases to gain more referral traffic to your blog. 

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Press Release Submission Sites List

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