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100+ Free Search Engine Submission Sites List

Top Free Search Engine Submission sites list is necessary for website owners or bloggers to submit their website URL to various popular search engines. These popular high PR sites will help you to boost your site ranking.

The main aim of every website owner or blogger is to get huge organic traffic to their website. Search engines play a big role in boosting organic traffic and ranking of your website. Because search engines are the main source of organic traffic over the web. And Google is the most popularly used search engine on the internet.

What is search engine submission?

Search engine submission is a process of submitting your website or blog URL to different search engine sites to crawl and index your website. Crawling and indexing are common technical terms used by search engines to exhibit your blog or website in search engine results pages. 

Search engine submission is one of the widely used SEO techniques. The major search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, etc. determine your website genuinely and effectiveness by searching your site on other search engines. Hence, Search engine submission is the best way to notify your website presence in major search engines. 

Search Engine Submission Sites make faster crawling and indexing of your website over various search engines. High PR Search engine submission sites help you greatly to improve your site organic ranking. Most of the website owners submit their website to Google for indexing. But, it is a better way to submit your website to other search engines also. Because it would help you to improve your website authority and organic traffic.

Different Submission sites have their terms and policies for adding URLs. Some search engines allow bulk submissions for avoiding any spamming activity. Submission of websites can be done in two ways: Manual or automatic method.

To reduce your workload, I am providing you free best 50+ Search Engine submission sites list on this page. Consider these Search engine submission sites if your website is not available in search engine results. So, get started with search engine submission to get more traffic in a short time. 

Advantages of Search Engine Submission Sites List:

  • Makes faster indexing in top search engines.
  • Improves your website ranking in popular search engines.
  • Boosts organic traffic to your website.
  • Makes online presence of your business products or services over the internet.
  • A rapid increase in backlinks by search engines.
  • These sites help reduce advertising costs for beginners. 

How to utilize Search Engine Submission Sites?

Once you started using this off-page SEO technique, you will get huge traffic. But you must be careful while submitting your website. And make sure that you are providing all the accurate information. 

Signup before search engine submission:

Some search engine webmasters enable you to submit direct URL links on their Dashboards. But some search engines allow registering or signup. It is better to signup on every search engine webmaster. Because it will help you to do future adjustments if necessary.

Give the correct details:

While doing submission of your website on these search engine websites, make sure that you are providing all necessary details properly. Generally, the necessary fields will be like a website name, homepage link, keywords, tags, email, etc. Before submitting verify all that you are giving all accurate information.

Utilize top search engines sites carefully:

You need to more attentive while submitting your website in top search engine sites. Because most of the popular search engines drive great traffic to your site. Continuously update the webpage’s information along with the home page. Because these popular search engine algorithms always verify the existing website pages and update their ranking in search results according to the site’s current content.

Check for blocked index:

You can allow web crawlers or spiders with the help of the robot.txt file. You have to allow indexing in your site robot.txt file to permit the search engine spiders to crawl your website.


Submitting your website URLs on search engine sites is a significant off-page SEO technique for getting your site crawled and indexed faster. Start submitting your blog or site in various search engine sites that help you with huge traffic to your site. Although you should use targeted right keywords to improve your site ranking in search result pages. This Search Engine submission sites list helps you greatly by boosting your site or blog existence over the web. And also increases your site ranking in major search engines. In conclusion, I hope this list of free search engine submission sites is helpful to you.

Search Engine Submission Sites List

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