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RSS Submission Sites List

The best RSS submission sites list is very useful in promoting your blog site feed to gain more new audience through syndication. Do RSS submission in this list of high PR RSS feed submission websites to get more online presence of your blog.

What is RSS Submission?

RSS feed submission is one of the best off-page SEO strategies. It is a simple process of feed submission to RSS directory sites. This method is used to notify the audience that a website or blog is updated with some latest news.

Updating content makes more user engagement in your site. So, you need to update your blog or website with updated information. Otherwise, visitors won’t get any interest to read old stuff. Hence, RSS submission helps to gain more traffic to your blog or website.

How RSS feed Sites works?

RSS feed is a simple XML file that stores all your information in the form of URLs. Webmasters or bloggers need to create an account on RSS directories and need to submit the feeds to provide updates news to its users. 

RSS feed sites save your time from manual submission because the blog software code automatically sends these RSS feeds to RSS directories regularly. After RSS feed submission in these RSS directories sites again you don’t need to add your page manually because these RSS feed sites automatically update the feeds.

Whenever a new post is added to your site or blog, these RSS feed sites will show your updated information to the subscribers of your website automatically. For example, If your website is submitted in an RSS feed site in the sports category. So, whenever you publish any new post related to the sports category on your website, Then it will automatically notify the users and subscribers of the sports category.  

There are so many RSS feed directories and websites are available over the internet. But, to save your time and efforts here I’m providing you best free RSS submission sites list. Start submitting RSS feeds in high PR DA RSS feed submission websites to enjoy many benefits. 

Benefits of RSS feed submission for SEO:

RSS feed submission sites help you greatly with many benefits. Let we  some important benefits of RSS feed sites in SEO as follows:

More Popularity:

If your latest posts reach new customers, then it automatically improves your brand awareness. In this way, your site will get more popularity. Through these RSS feed sites, your latest post reaches a large number of readers over the web. Hence, this latest informative post indirectly improves SEO.

Huge Backlinks:

Whenever you do RSS submission in feed websites, then most of the sites will provide you backlinks to your site. Getting backlinks is very good for the SEO of your website. When you do feed submissions in high DA PR RSS submission sites, you will get quality backlinks. These quality backlinks boost your SEO.

Improves traffic:

If you reach a new audience with the latest information on the web. So your website may get more referral traffic. By submitting RSS feeds in high Domain Authority RSS sites always drive good traffic to your site. If you get more quality traffic then your site domain authority also increases. Moreover, this quality of traffic also improves page ranking in search engine page results.

Latest posts get index faster:

Most popular search engines like Google always discover qualitative and informative latest content pages. So, if you post the most useful latest content in your article on your website, then it may take a short time to get indexed on the search engine. 

Easy and simple method:

These RSS feeds sites provide a good medium of communication between bloggers and potential customers. This submission is a simple and easy process. This approach is less expensive than email communication. Overall RSS feed sites are good for SEO with a simple and easier technique.


RSS feed sites serve as a great search engine optimization tool in the online marketing of your feed. RSS submission sites list significantly improve your website’s online presence to the most targeted audience. Moreover, these sites easily promote your new content to huge customers in less time. In conclusion, RSS submission sites greatly help to improve SEO for your blog or website.

Rss submission sites list

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