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Top Free 80+ Question and Answer Sites List

Question and answer sites list is much useful in the world of SEO to boost traffic to your website or blog. You can submit related answers to questions in this list of sites to promote your business products or services.

Question and answer is a recent method of doing off-page search engine optimization. If you are interested to share your insights about any specific subject in these sites. Then you can help others with your valuable answers to the questions. And if you really want to know anything you can ask your question on these websites.

What are Question and Answer Sites? 

Question and answer websites are the best platforms that connect many users around the world to share and improve their knowledge. All these sites are completely useful and informative. These websites consist of various communities with specific categories like education, science & technology, IT, entertainment, etc. You can join in any related category community.

These Q&A sites offer the best place to promote your products/ services through your answers. You can answer the questions related to your business products/ services. However, you can also give your website link in the answer. If any user finds valid content in your answer, they may visit your website through this link. In this way, these sites help to improve traffic to your site. 

Considering the high DA PR question and answers site is the best technique to drive traffic to your site. Because generally, these sites consist of a huge number of users of natural traffic. Hence question and submission is a proven way to achieve traffic to your websites through these sites. 

Benefits of High DA Question and Answer Sites List:

From the above sections hope you understand what is meant by Question and Answer submission websites and how they work. Now, let us look at some benefits of these high domain authority page ranking Q&A sites:

  • These sites are good sources of link building. Quality and relevant answers with your website link drive user attention towards your website or blog. So, these sites provide good link juice to your website.
  • These sites connect many people around the globe. And these sites empower every user to share their knowledge.
  • Your active participation in the related Q&A discussions helps to reach the target audience. So, It provides the best place to attract worldwide customers.
  • All these sites strictly avoid any spam activities. so, you will get quality backlinks to your website. Because of these quality links search engines may reward your site easily.
  • Your quality answers on these sites help you become visible in organic search results. This further improves your business visibility over the internet.

How to use high DA PR Question and Answer Submission Sites:

Always select high DA PR  Question and Answer submission sites to grab the best results. Let us see how to use these sites effectively to promote your business brand. 

  • In order to get into these sites, first set up an account with a proper user name, email id, password. 
  • Some sites may allow directly through social media accounts like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Always give the correct email id and user name because you may be asked to verify your account through some link that is sent to your email id. 
  • Once account verification is done you are allowed to log in. 
  • Build your profile with your name or company name, website URL, and proper description to make it easy to connect with others.
  • Start joining any community groups of your interest that are relevant to your business website or blog. 
  • Once you are joined in groups, you can start answering the relevant questions. And you may ask questions to clarify your doubts too. 
Do’S and Don’ts:
  • Before joining any site, read all its terms and conditions.
  • Always write relevant, effective and unique answers
  • Don’t include any spam links
  • Use high quality and relevant images in answers
  • Always check for any spelling or grammar mistakes before submitting your content
  • Never ignore the site rules, because it may lead to your account disable temporarily or permanently.

Now a Days Question and Answer submission is the best off-page SEO method for Content Marketing, business promotion, and link building. The below given high DA, PR Question, and Answer Submission Sites list definitely help you greatly with quality traffic to your site. Gain customer views, likes, comments, and shares with relevant and quality content in your answers. In conclusion, use this effective approach to gain traffic to your website by giving a hyperlink to a focus keyword to get quality backlinks.

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Question & Answer Sites List

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