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Best PDF Submission Sites List 2022

Below given free pdf submission sites list helps you to apply the best off-page SEO techniques to promote your business presence over online. Before going to know about the importance of pdf submission sites, let us see first about pdf files in the following sections.

What is PDF? Why is it popular?

The full form of PDF is Portable Document Format. Pdf is a file format invented in the 1990s to present documents with text content and images. Pdf files are independent of hardware (Dell, HP, Toshiba, etc.), operating systems (Windows, Mac, etc), and application software. In simple words, pdf created on one system run similarly in other OS platforms or hardware systems without any changes or troubles.

Moreover, PDF is commonly used to distribute read-only documents that protect the page layout. Simply, the pdf file format is mostly used to save files that can’t be changed further. But you can easily share, scan, and print the file.

The popularity of pdf file format is rapidly growing over the internet because of its flexibility and security. This pdf file format is widely used by many users around the world in many ways such as user manuals, scanned documents, eBooks, etc. Around 80% of the non-html files over online are most likely in pdf format. 

High DA PDF Submission Sites

Pdf Submission is the most commonly used SEO off-page technique. It is a method of sharing your website-related information in the form of pdf files to promote your business.

PDF Submission sites are the websites that provide a great place to implement search engine optimization to gain backlinks and rank keywords in search engines. And further these sites improve your business visibility over online and also drive traffic to your website or blog. 

PDF Submission in SEO  is one of the great methods of content marketing but its main purpose is to make quality backlinks to your website using targeted keywords through the link. 

Even though you find many websites for PDF submission buy you only prefer the sites with high DA. Yes, you heard correct! Submitting pdf files in high domain authority sites benefit you with good results. Getting backlinks from low authority may risk your website. Because search engines penalize the sites that get backlinks from low DA websites.

Don’t waste your time in searching for all popular and updated pdf sharing sites. Because I have collected 100+ Free Pdf submission sites list to save your time and efforts. Some new pdf submission websites are also included in the list. These high DA Pdf submission sites help to gain quality backlinks and traffic to your site through this pdf submission process.

Benefits of PDF Submission sites list:

There are numerous pdf submission websites available over the internet. So, the greatest advantage of this pdf submission is you can post your pdf file on as many sites as possible. 

  • Pdf submission with targeted keywords helps you reach targeted customers. These sites boost your business products/ services visibility online through promotion. 
  • These sites generate backlinks through hyperlinks in pdf content. So in this way, link juice passes from file sharing sites to your website. These generated backlinks increase traffic to your site or blog.
  • Attract the visitors with a focus keyword in a pdf file. This approach makes search engines index these pdf files. 
  • These sites improve the high ranking of targeted keywords through pdf submission.
  • Most of these sites are to share your pdf file. Moreover, creating a pdf file is also easy.


PDF submission is a cool way to implement an SEO strategy for your business brand products or services promotion. Consider high DA PDF submission sites to get better results. Submitting pdf files on high domain authority sites always drive quality backlinks, traffic, and improves your business online presence. Create an effective content pdf file with a focus keyword to attract the targeted audience. So just go through one by one in the above-provided pdf submission sites list to submit your business-related informative pdf file.

High Da PDF Submission Sites List

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