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Free High DA Web Directory Submission Sites List 2020

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Web Directory Submission sites are one of the easiest SEO off-page strategies that are implemented to get high page ranking, domain authority, and huge traffic to your blog or website.

For any beginning stage business website,blog or any other. one of the effective techniques to increase DA,PA by submitting your blog or website to the best Directory Submission Sites according to the relevant category. I hope there will be no doubt about this! Do you want to know more about it and how it works to improve your website ranking in SERPs! Let us see in detail in the following sections. 

What is meant by Web Directory Submission? 

It is a process of submitting your website or blog URL and its details in a web directory site under a specific domain. Search engines like Google, Bing verifies the quality of these directories to rank your site in their searches. Once it validates, indexes the site over the internet and improves the visibility of the page in search results according to user keywords.

Importance of Web Directory Submission in SEO:

  • Backlinks: By doing this technique, it helps you to get do-follow backlinks to your website. 
  • Fast Indexing: It helps in gaining faster website indexing by getting quality backlinks from top web directories. 
  • Ranking: From the Directories we don’t get any traffic but sure will increase page rank, and domain authority a little, this things will help to rank in SERP

Types of Web Directories:

Generally, there are three types of directory sites, in which you have select one to proceed with the submission process.

Free Web Directories: 

These are free version websites where you can submit your website URL at no cost. Because of the free version, many users submit directories in these sites, so it takes so much time to review or approve. Hence, it takes much time to get backlinks to the site.

Paid Web Directory Sites:

These sites approve directories by taking some money from users. Once you pay the amount they give backlinks within 24hrs. Hence, it makes a fast approach to indexing the website and building backlinks.

Reciprocal Web Directory Submission Sites

In order to submit your directory, you need to add their link to your website or blog. Once they verify it, your submission will be reviewed and approved.

Steps of Web Directory Submission:

It is very important to choose the correct site with a good DA, PA, high backlinks, and low spam score. Don’t get into spam sites! 

  • Carefully read all the instructions and guidelines on the submission page.
  • Select a suitable directory site according to your requirements 
  • Select correct category and sub-category fields
  • Carefully fill all the fields in the submission form
  • Check the page once before you click the submit button.
  • Wait and check the confirmation message to know the status of the submission
  • If they provide you any submission link or URL, save or copy it somewhere
  • Continue the same process by exploring all other site links on the directory submission list and submit your site/ blog URL.

Benefits of web directory submissions:

  • increase the number of backlinks to your website.
  • chances of increasing keyword ranking if follow the process(go through bonus point)
  • one of the most time saving method

Bonus point: While submitting a blog in directory Instead of giving complete title name in title tag.give a particular relevant keyword which your targeting. These are the best practices for a web directory submission. If you do there is higher chances to rank your site for a particular blog

High Da Web Directory Submission Sites List

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