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Best High da Social Bookmarking Sites List 2022

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High DA Social bookmarking sites list is much helpful in passing link juice from these top bookmarking sites to your blog or website. Free social bookmarking sites benefit beginners in many ways. Because these sites provide the best platform to implement off-page SEO techniques.

Link building plays a significant role in improving website ranking in search engine result pages. Hence, Dofollow social bookmarking sites are much helpful for SEO in the link building process. Moreover, these links further create great traffic to your site.

Let us see what is social bookmarking and the importance of high DA social bookmarking sites in the below sections.

What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is one of the most powerful techniques among off-page SEO strategies. It is a process of submitting links to various websites such as social networking sites, blogging sites, bookmarking sites, etc. This process may include the submission of posts, pages, images, video links in social bookmarking sites.

In simple words, social bookmarking is a process of relating your blog or website to a different niche. The main aim of the Social bookmarking method is to improve the ranking of your website or blog page. 

Social bookmarking sites offer the best platform for relevant searches. Nowadays these Social bookmarking sites getting more popular because they allow you to discover and distribute resources on the web easily.

Hence these sites are much useful for SEO and digital marketing to promote their business brand. And these sites also improves user engagement in your site.

Here I am sharing the most popular High DA Social bookmarking sites list which benefits you greatly for your website. These Dofollow Social bookmarking sites not only pass link juice but also increases traffic to your site. The list includes free high page ranking social bookmarking sites that offer you to upload content at no cost. 

Advantages of high DA Social Bookmarking Sites:

Social Bookmarking is the best search engine optimization method. You can share any content related to your site or blog in these social bookmarking sites to boost your site’s online presence. There are many benefits with high DA bookmarking sites, those are listed as follows:

  • These sites are helpful off-page SEO to index your website or blog in search engines.
  • These sites are highly beneficial in improving your brand promotion.
  • Doing bookmarking in the high PR DA social bookmarking sites help you in getting quality backlinks to your site.
  • Through these backlinks, relevant traffic is moved to your site.
  • More traffic you get then there will be more chances of improving your website domain authority by search engines.
  • Due to the increase in traffic makes your website available in the top SERPs. Hence, these sites improve your site ranking in search engine results.

The above-given benefits help you to understand the importance of social bookmarking sites. However, Social bookmarking is a valuable process that empowers your blog or website popularity over the internet.

How to do Social bookmarking?

Newbies to digital marketing or SEO may have doubts about how to do social bookmarking!  Let us look at below some key points about the social bookmarking process. 

  • First, go through one by one website in the given High da Social bookmarking sites list.
  • Read all guidelines to bookmark your page link in every social bookmarking website. Because the rules may vary from one website to another.
  • Make an effective profile by posting catchy posts.
  • Your content should be informative and attractive to reach more audiences. 
  • Always make a creative and innovative title with a suitable description of your post.
  • Add targeted keywords and tags to your post. Choose the most appropriate category which suits your post link.
  • Do like, comment, share others’ posts to gain more new viewers towards your post.

I hope you understand how to bookmark your site in various social bookmarking sites. And I hope this is much beneficial for beginners. 


Social bookmarking is a powerful tool in SEO. Social bookmarking sites offer a great platform for brand promotion and boost your site online presence. Always prefer Social bookmarking sites with high DA. Because they help you greatly in boosting traffic as well as domain authority of your site. Utilize the High da Social bookmarking sites list that helps you to get quality backlinks and traffic to your site. Create attractive posts with a focus keyword to reach the targeted audience. In conclusion, social bookmarking is the best off-page SEO method that benefits you a lot.

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High Da Socialbookmarking Sites List


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