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60+ High Da Free Article Submission Sites List 2022

Free Article Submission sites list plays a big role in driving backlinks to your site. Article submission is one of the most used off-page SEO strategies that helps you to get quality backlinks. If you are willing to do off-page optimization for your website then you must consider the article submission technique.

Free article submission websites provide the most cost-effective method for new bloggers or website owners to set up traffic. It is better to prefer high-quality websites for article submission to improve your site ranking in search engine results. 

What is the article submission?

Article submission is a method of creating an article related to your business or site and distributing it on high-quality websites that accept free article submissions. Even though many advancements took place in SEO, article submission is a trick in SEO to benefit your site with link building at no cost. 

The main aim of the article submission process is to increase your business popularity and online presence of your website over the web. Article submission sites not only drive quality backlinks but also improve traffic to your site.

Submitting your articles in Free high DA article submission sites helps you with great results at no time. For user convenience, here I’m providing the best 50+ Free Article Submission sites list that offers terrific benefits. So, start submitting effective articles in these sites to get quality backlinks.

Benefits of Free Article Submission

Boost your business authority:

The majority of the article submission sites provide an author bio box at the bottom of the article page. In that author bio box, you are allowed to mention your name and company description.  In this description box, provide keywords rich content to promote your business brand products or services. And in this field, you can also give your website or blog link to improve traffic to your site. 

However, viewers who interested in your article may visit your website through the link provided. The informative quality article surely grabs many readers’ attention and these readers become potential visitors to your site. Hence these sites improve your business credibility.

Free online marketing:

Almost all article submission sites allow you to add links within article content that directs to your site. So in this way, these sites help you like advertising channels for your business products or services. Free article submission sites offer free marketing of your business brand over the internet.

Generates leads and improves sales:

Article submission is a great trick to generate sales and leads to your business products or services in a simple approach. Write effective articles to exhibit your business products or services features. 

Attractive and informative content always helps you to gain the attention of more and more customers. Hence these free article submission sites greatly help in generating leads. The conversion of these leads will improve your sales and revenue. 

Boost Traffic:

You can give your site links in content as well as in the author bio box. Once your article is approved by the website owner, you will get huge quality traffic to your site through these links.

High domain authority and page ranking websites definitely have huge traffic. Backlinks from these high authority sites make quality traffic to your site. You can also share your submitted article page on different social media channels to get more traffic.

How to effectively utilize the free article submission sites list?

  • Select one by one site from the given list of free article submission sites.
  • Create an account in the sites with username, email id, and password.
  • Once account setup, log in with your credentials 
  • Click on the article submission field. Write an article with a catchy title, focus keywords rich content, and author bio description at the end.
  •  Use appropriate keywords in the title and description. 
  • Once you have done all things proceed to submit the article.

Some sites may approve your sites within 24 hours and some others take 2-3 weeks of time to approve your article. 

Make sure that your article should be informative rather than promotional content. Informative and useful articles make easy approval of your article. 

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