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175+ High Da Blog Commenting Sites List 2022

High DA Blog Commenting Sites List is an important resource for off-page SEO to gain quality backlinks. This list of free do-follow blog commenting websites that help in link building to your website.

Generally, blog commenting is a great way of expressing your thoughts and opinions for a specified blog post. In addition, these blog comments help in attracting more readers and improves traffic to your site.

What are blog commenting Sites?

Blog commenting submission in SEO is a process of writing your comments on blog sites with a backlink to your website. This blog commenting can be done in two ways. One is automated and another is a manual method. In an automated process, you can submit a mass amount of comments in a list of selected blogs using an automation tool. Ex: scrapebox

In the manual method, you need to post your comments manually to get backlinks. However, the manual method is mostly used instead of automated because only relevant comments are easily get approved on the site. It will take much time and effort to gather similar blog posts to automate the process.

Blog commenting is considered as the best off-page search engine optimization strategy. Comments submissions in high Domain Authority blog sites help you to get quality backlinks from these blogs.

Types of blog commenting sites:

There are different types of blog commenting sites. Some of the sites instantly approve your comments. But in some other sites, your comments will be posted in the blog with admin approval only. And also some sites ask your account like Facebook, blogger, etc. to post your comments on their blog page.

Benefits of high DA blog commenting sites:

Considering high domain authority sites help you greatly with better results. Let we look at some important benefits of high DA blog commenting sites:

  • You can share your opinions, ideas, and thoughts on the blog post at no cost.
  • Most of the sites provide no-follow backlinks more willingly than dofollow backlinks.
  • High authority sites always drive quality backlinks to your site.
  • And further, these backlinks improve traffic to your website.
  • Useful and informative comments make you visible online. And also improves Alexa ranking.

Above all listed advantages helps you to understand the importance of blog commenting in SEO.

Tips for how to get your comments approval:

  • Provide your actual name in the comments box name section.
  • Before posting any comments go through the blog post carefully. And submit only relevant comments.
  • Always give unique comments and include links in the content if possible.
  • Give a proper email address. If admins find your mail id is invalid then your comments will not be approved.
  • Never use keywords in the name section.
Do’s and Don’ts:
  • It’s better to select high domain authority sites only. Because high-quality sites are most important to get quality backlinks.
  • Never submit your comments in low authority sites. Because it may risk your site.
  • Select a category that is relevant to your site.
  • Always post your comment that is relevant to blog content.
  • Always give positive and useful comments. So that viewers who like your comment may go through your website link.

Blog commenting is one of the simple and easy methods to get backlinks and traffic to your website. Blog commenting submission is one of the important off-page SEO strategies for bloggers and digital marketing professionals. Utilize the given free blog commenting submission sites list to save your time in searching for free sites. Always do comments on relevant sites only. In conclusion, blog commenting is the best way to get backlinks and referral traffic to your site at no cost. and also it is one of the best and easiest methods to get thousands of backlinks.

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