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Top 50+Software Listing Sites | product Listing Sites to promote your SAAS

The software listing sites list helps to promote your SaaS app. Listing your SaaS in software listing sites brings immense advantages. Explore the list of software directories and review sites to list SaaS products or B2B software for marketing and SEO of software applications. Both free and paid directories help you to get more exposure to gain potential customers and quality leads.

What is Software listing sites list or SaaS products listing?

Software listing sites are the websites that provide a categorized listing of various SaaS products and business software applications. A good software directory must possess a properly arranged listing with search filters. So that users can easily find the related class on the site.

Why it is required to do SaaS products or B2B software listing in the Software Listing Directory?

Developing a reliable software app or SaaS product is not only enough. But you have to promote your software to reach the targeted audience. Here comes the use of software directories to promote your software product to reach more audiences in a short time. Some of the important reasons for choosing a software directory are:

  • Promotes your software app or SaaS product online.
  • The best way for great exposure over the web to gain the attention of the targeted audience.
  • Alternative to high budget marketing campaigns and schemes.
  • These sites help to know customer reviews and expert reviews. So that you can understand the pros and cons of the software product.
  • It helps you to attract in-market customers and generates quality leads.
  • To gain quality backlinks from relevant high authority websites.
  • These S/W directory sites generate do-follow backlinks. Hence referral traffic is moved to your site.
  • Listing your product or service helps to gain potential customers and clients.
  • It boosts the SEO of your SaaS product or software business website. 
  • Best marketplace to get demand for SaaS or B2B software companies.
  • Reviews through these sites provide your credibility to build social proof.
  • Even you might get the request for a proposal from clients from review sites.

How can you find the best software listing sites for your SaaS products?

There are different software directories that use various listing features, business models, comparison tools, and services to offer users to find the best SaaS products. But there are so many software directory sites over the internet to list your SaaS product. You might be confused to find the best list of software directory sites…!

With a deep digging over the web, I found some sites are providing software directory sites that are inactive and low authoritative sites. So don’t submit your SaaS products to such types of websites. Always prefer the directory sites with high DA and PR only to get good results. Submitting your product too low authority sites may waste your efforts and time. 

So for your convenience and to reduce your efforts and work time I collected the best software listing sites and review sites for your SaaS product growth

The list will help you to identify which review websites and the SAAS directory would be good for marketing and SEO of software. List your software app or SaaS product in the relevant category along with the website URL to get SEO benefits. Because, to be available on top of the search engine results, you need to optimize things in better ways. So make sure that you are providing useful information to customers and clients while you submit the software in the directory sites.

Here in the list, the majority of sites support the following below:-

  • New user acquisition
  • Improves industry awareness,  
  • Generates High-Quality Dofollow backlinks
  • Get Huge traffic,
  • Higher chances to get leads

Overall these sites market your product at a low budget and provide quality leads to placing your business on the right platform.


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products have immense competition in the present digital world. So, you need to go ahead with effective promoting methods to reach your software application to targeted customers. The software listing sites mentioned on this page are much helpful in getting much exposure and improving online visibility. Review sites enable you to build a strong profile. And customer reviews create a social reputation and improve chances of more user engagement in your built app. Dofollow or Nofollow backlinks generated from the software directory sites improve referral traffic and quality leads. Hence listing your SaaS or software product in the S/W directory sites brings immense advantages. The following are the best software directories list you can list your Saas Products

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