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High Da Dofollow Guest Posting Sites List 2022

Dofollow Guest posting sites list offers a powerful way to build a relationship with other websites related to your niche. Guest posting sites improve the online presence of your business and increase your brand visibility in search engines.

What is the guest posting?

Guest posting is nothing but sharing your content on other sites. Guest posting is an important SEO off-page technique for bloggers to get backlinks. Because this SEO method helps to reach the targeted audience in no time.

Guest posting SEO method helpful to improve bloggers’ credibility and authority of your blog. This Guest posting technique helps improving traffic and site ranking of your site in SERPs.

Guest posting sites for SEO

Bloggers who worry about trying to get backlinks and traffic to your blog,  start doing guest posting. Because Guest Posting sites offer the best platform to implement SEO strategies to get more traffic.

According to Google search engine guidelines, websites with high-quality backlinks will get high page ranking compared to other competitor sites. Therefore, this proves google algorithms considers links to validate your site exposure and authority.

Guest submission in high DA sites provides dofollow backlinks to your site. Due to these dofollow backlinks, organic traffic also increases to your site.

Advantages Do-follow Guest Posting Sites list:

  • Guest post submission in these sites improves your blog authority and also enhances your brand online visibility.
  • Submitting content in high authority sites helps your site with a great referral link. These do-follow links pass link juice to your website.
  • With these do-follow links, further, you will be highly benefited with huge referral traffic.
  • Further, this referral traffic helps to increase your site ranking in SERPs.
  • After submitting your post, you can share the content on social media to promote your brand.

However, to reduce your work time in searching for free guest posting sites, here I am providing you with 100+ Dofollow Guest Posting sites list. In this list best blogs are included that are easily accept guest posts. You can start submitting guest posts related to your niche.

How to do Guest Post Submission?

  • Select the website in which you want to publish your guest post.
  • Read guidelines of “Guest post submission” or “write for us” in the site.
  • Each website has its requirements. So never neglect their guidelines for guest posting. 
  • Follow their rules to submit your content on their sites. So, match your content with their requirements.
  • Write effective content to gain viewers’ interest. Add related good quality images in content to attract users.
  • At the end of the post, don’t forget to add your biodata.

After writing an article with quality content proceed to submit in high DA guest blogs/ websites.

Do’s and Don’ts for Faster Guest Post-approval:
  • Select popular high DA guest posting sites related to your niche.
  • Read all points in guest posting guidelines.
  • Follow their instructions to proceed with guest posting. Violating their terms may result in your guest post rejection.
  • Submit your post on related sites only. Never submit your post which is not related to your niche.
  • Send a proper request for guest posting approval to the website owner. 
  • Providing your work information, the purpose of post submission in request mail may help you with positive reply from the site owner
  • Always make sure that your content should be an informative and unique representation.
  • Its always better to review your article content before publishing the post.


In conclusion, Guest Posting is the best search engine optimization method for bloggers. Guest posting sites provide the best platform for great exposure to your brand and improve your business online presence. High authority guest post submission websites provide do-follow backlinks to your site in no time. Publish quality content on relevant sites helps to gain traffic to your site. Hence, guest posting for SEO improves website ranking in search engine results pages.

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