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180+ Best Startup Directory Sites List

High DA Startup directory sites list covers free review sites and Startup directories that help in marketing your new launching SAAS Products or ios/Andriod apps or Web Application. This list of best startup submission sites helps you in promoting your initial business products or services. And improves your business online visibility to get more potential customers and more leads.

What is the Startup Directory? 

Startup directory sites are the best resources to publish your startup products or Web/ iOS/ Android application and to get product reviews/ feedback. 

What is the use of the Startup Directory Sites?

Developing an amazing product is not only enough but you should let customers know how extraordinary it is..! Even if you work offline, it is becoming necessary to present your business over the web. Because consumer marketing is rapidly changing with technology. 

Nowadays, most customers evaluate any product through its advertisement, website, mobile applications, email, customer service, trade publications, and referral reviews. There are so many startup listing websites that help you reach product-market quickly to gain more target audience and to get product validation.

Hence it’s time to market your startup products with the help of startup directories and review sites. Startup directory submission helps you to promote your startup at a very low cost. It is the best product launching strategy to gain faster customer traction.

We provide the best free Startup Directory sites list which helps you greatly in the successful product launch marketing. 

Why do you need to submit in the startup directory sites?

A startup or a newly established business coming up with a new service or new technology-based products in the market is an admirable but challenging tool

For instance, if you have just finished developing your small company or product website, perhaps you will start promoting..! But don’t know where to start and how to do startup promotion to make your products more visible to online users. Therefore here comes the use of Startup Directories to go ahead. 

  • Because you need a good online platform to exhibit your product website existence to reach maximum online users
  • Since it is a simple and best method of promotion and advertising with lower budget involvement for startups.
  • Generally, If you go with a Public Relations agency for product advertising and promotion, it will take a lot of money and time.
  • List(Submit) your product website/app to create more brand awareness about your product
  • To reach more potential customers in a short time. 
  • To get more user engagement on your product website or SAAS application.
  • These directories greatly help you in link building. These sites help in getting high-quality backlinks to your site.
  • Once you are done with product launching, then it is very important to track customers’ feedback to know how much it is benefiting an end-user. 
  • Early adopter’s good responses prove your business concept or ideas and help in gaining more user acceptance.
  • Improve your startup’s online visibility to gain more traffic to your website or application
  • Go with startup directories if you want sources of fundraising options for startup business
  • These directories help you with leads generation tool as well as you can get potential customers here
  • Helps in evaluating your competitive position and improve elevator pitch
  • Make new business relationships with other fellow startups on these sites.
  • By creating awareness about startup helps you to attract entrepreneur or angel investor or virtual capitalist towards your project ideas, and they might like to invest in your project also.

Therefore, get started with startup submission in these free directories as well as paid sites to make a good ground in the present market. 

How to submit startup’s in startup directory sites?

You need to provide all the necessary information to make awareness about your product. It is better to provide all details to gain user engagement and to attract investors also.

  • Company name and website
  • Product name and weblink
  • Company Logo
  • Company Location
  • Number of Employees
  • Have you received funding? (inform the details if you got any venture/angel fundraising achievements)
  • Around 4-5 screenshots
  • Product video
  • Founding year
  • Founder(s) name
  • Awards
  • Brief description (Give a short note about the startup)
  • Long Description (Describe all the details about product or application)
  • Tags
  • Who is it for / What problems it solves (how the product useful/ to whom it benefits)
  • What makes it different
  • Social media handles
  • Pricing details  

Most of the above information will be provided from web development details and your executive summary responses.


Startup listing helps a lot to boost your business online presence in this digital era. Directories and review sites are the best sources of relevant traffic and lead generation. These sites help you to get exposure to your startup brand at a lower cost. Boost your business performance with your startup product validation with the help of review sites.

Hence, Startup submission is the best practice of product marketing to gain early user acquisition. Although it even helps in link building which improves your site SEO. The directory list and review sites help you reach tech bloggers and tech enthusiasts to cover your product news over the internet. So in this way, press coverage also helps to gain more audience.

Not only do these directory sites help in promoting your startup but they are also the best platforms to gain virtual or angel investors’ interest in fundraising. In conclusion, startup listing sites are much helpful these days to promote and to reach potential customers in a short time.

Startup Listing Sites List

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